Tau Beta Sigma-Zeta Psi

Fall 2012

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Name Big Sister Family MC Name Section
383 Brittany Dirks Wendi Kirker Golden Eagle CAAARL Colorguard
384 Kayla Ferro Lindsay Meyers Whale Cowgurl Colorguard
385 Katelyn Van De Water Sal Parillo Dolphin ΤΥΡΤΛΕ Piccolo
386 Mackenzie Courtoy Aly Morgan Dolphin 99 ΠΡΟΒΣ Colorguard
387 Justin Grace Geena Ildefonso Celestial Manatee Manatee Dr. Picasso Clarinet
388 Diona Lawrence Lindsay Meyers Whale Stitch Doc Colorguard
389 Savanna Mulder Julie Senecal Masque Nancy Drew Clarinet
390 Kathryn Rowe Lindsay Ambler Manatee Eh-Game Colorguard
391 Ashley Mount Nickaletta Jones Manatee My Little Pony Colorguard
392 Thad Anderson Honorary Assistant Professor of Music