Tau Beta Sigma-Zeta Psi

Fall 2000

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Name Big Sister Family MC Name Section
228 Kady Broadway Valerie Sartwell Stingray Doughboy J Crew Doll Colorguard
229 Erika Dierdorf Summer Harms Dolphin ΔOΛΔOPK Clarinet
230 Terra Evans Laura Young Manatee Miathwack Clarinet
231 Leslie Hutchinson Melissa Lawson Dolphin BOOTΨ TPAIN Clarinet
232 Becky Gonzalez Shawna Braunstein Celestial Oops Piccolo
233 Robin Horn Ellie Conde Celestial Manatee Maid Marion Sousaphone
234 Kimberly Isenberg Becky Kiefer Wolf Fish Gecko Ghetto Elf Clarinet
235 Lori Hickey Jennifer Terry Doughboy SiS Piccolo
236 Kimberly Lightbourne Melissa Hutchinson Ladybug Mighty Mouse Clarinet
237 Stefany Minor Christian Martin Celestial Xerox Clarinet
238 Rebecca Staudt Christine Sands Manatee Gilligan Clarinet
239 Michelle Strobridge Ambia Valentine Wolf Fish Gecko Millie Piccolo
240 Ron Ellis Honorary     Director of Athletic Bands
241 Linda King Honorary   Mama Sis Flute